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Meet the Mexican Bus "Salsa Dance Club Tours"
Where: Chevy’s Restaurant at 3rd & Howard in Moscone Center)
When: Fridays & Saturdays
Time: 8:15pm pick-up 2:20am approx. drop off.
Parking: The Mission Street Garage, bet 4th and 5th &
New Montgomery and Howard lots. (must stay open after 2AM)

On Board Phone: (510) 525-4214

Things to bring on board:
* Bring your ID
* Bring water
* Dress UP in layers Be brazen, enjoy. You can't overdress at a salsa club.
* Bring a portable camera (optional)
* Dancing shoes, rubber soles aren’t so easy to dance in
* Bring your good spirit and energy.

Things to leave behind at home:
* Your booze!
* All fatigue, stress, grouchiness, gas and worries. REMEMBER! Por Favor
* Dress codes are enforced at salsa clubs:
* Dress up a little, in layers is best
* No jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirts, sport caps
* No smoking on board, even special herbs
* No bringing your booze on board or in the clubs
* No abusing our staff or other passengers

The golden rule RULES:
Treat others as you’d like to be treated. Sweetness goes a long way.
(Respect yourself, Respect the clubs, Respect the Bus, Respect the Spirit of the evening)

Drinking on Board
Strange and unusual Rumors in the air: Regardless of what you may have heard, NO. The Mexican Bus does not serve unlimited tequila shots all night long