Payment Policy


el precio


Charters in and around San Francisco:

Weekday Charters:

  • Weekday rate/four hour minimum: $550
  • Friday before 5 PM: $550

Time overage weekday per hour or part of an hour: $75

Friday and Saturday Night Charters:

  • Friday after 5PM: $800
  • Saturday: $800
  • Saturday ending before 5 PM: $650
  • Friday or Saturday Scheduled after 1AM: $850
  • Sunday day till 6 PM: $650
  • Sunday night: $600

Time overage weekday per hour or part of an hour: $100

SPECIAL TIME OVERAGE RATE for bus rides to one location and back. Such as; Lagunitas, Saddle Rack,Port Costa, and other one stop locations outside of San Francisco.

SHORT TRIPS: We generally do not do hourly rates. Therefore, hourly rates will be subject to the availability of the Bus and you must complete your tour within the time frame you request. $150 weekdays $200 weekends regardless of the time frame.

Señor Tour rate is for mid-week Senior outings. There is no non-profit rate. We have a rate for seniors only. Inquire if you want to know more about this offer.


“You have a reservation.” This means that you have a soft hold.

We will hold your reservation until someone else wants it. If we cannot contact you within 24 hours to confirm your reservation you may lose reservation to another party. Please confirm your reservation as soon as possible.

CONFIRMATION and PREPAYMENT: Most people pay half the amount and cleaning deposit in advance.

The Mexican bus understands that sometimes the party planners are collecting money from other people and various sources, and we will try to accommodate your payment model.

Read Payment options below.


Please put the date of your event in the memo section. And make the check payable to the Mexican Bus. Address below.

If you are paying with a check please make a separate cleaning deposit check. Most people get that back. The cleaning deposit cannot be used for the Driver Tip.

Full payment in cash or check can be paid the night of the event in cases where mailing a payment is not practical.

Credit Card:

The Mexican Bus does not take credit cards directly at this time. We can send a Pay Pal invoice or a VENMO charge, if you want to use a credit card. The Mexican Bus will charge you the approximate fee to use this service.

Bank Transfer:

Bank Transfer are also possible. If desired, please contact us for our bank name, routing, and account number.


We can take cash for payment. Please pay the driver as soon as you get on the bus if you plan to pay cash the day of the event.


  • If you cancel within 72 hours prior to the day of charter you will receive a full refund.
  • If you cancel within 48 hours prior to the day of charter a 25% refund of the deposit will be due to you.
  • If you cancel less than 48 hours prior to day of the charter, The Mexican Bus will keep the deposit as a cancellation fee.

The cancellation Fee will be charged regardless of the reason for cancellation.


Mileage will apply to all tours outside of San Francisco. Trips beyond the price list below are charged 3 dollars a mile.

Mileage includes is Round Trip. No charges for dead head.


  • SSF, Daly City $50.
  • Between Daly City and San Mateo $60.
  • San Mateo, Pacifica $75.
  • South of Hwy. 92 San Mateo $150.
  • San Jose $200.

East Bay

  • Emeryville and Downtown Oakland $60.
  • Oakland, San Leandro, Richmond $75.
  • South of San Leandro $100.
  • North of Richmond - $85.
  • Beyond the Highway 24 Tunnel $120.

North Bay

  • Sausalito $50.
  • North of Sausalito $60.
  • San Rafael $75.
  • North of San Rafael to Petaluma $180.

Trips beyond the price list below are charged 3 dollars a mile both ways.


For an additional cost: Charters may include a DJ Host, food, refreshments, entertainment, and special planning.


LEAVE MESSAGES for The Mexican Bus 24 hours a day: 415-546-3747 (Voice Mail)

OFFICE 10 – 10 PM: 510-524-3218